About HowToWatch.info

About our site content:

As many peoples are getting almost lost across ads and pops when they want to watch a video streaming on videos hosting networks, we have created this website to provide as many information as possible regarding videos streaming websites and networks.

As we can find on the internet different videos streaming sites, with different kind of ads, links, and player functions, here at HowToWatch.info we try to provide a useful help with explications by text and images about videos streaming sites.

Our goal:
Do not get lost across ads and pop ups which can be showed on some videos streaming sites (as some stream sites can contain so many).
And our site is presenting different videos stream sites with explications about how they are working, and how to by-pass adverts to quickly watch the video.
Note: we, at HowToWatch.info are not affiliated with any videos streaming site presented in our site. We just provide explications about how to watch videos on such sites, how to by-pass ads, and how to find videos hosted on these videos streaming sites.
Lets present us: We are a group of student, and today with social networks, photos and videos sharing sites, everyone has its own internet web space, and when uploading videos to stream networks sites, they usually contain ads or sponsored links, and the site page is showing plenty different buttons telling you to click here to watch or download... Some of these are even placed in front of the player, which can get the site user confused, as he don't know exactly where to click to watch the video he want to see. And this is the problem everyone is talking about in schools and universities: "Oh, I couldn't watch it, it ask me to register or download something", no way, you just clicked in the wrong area, probably an ads or sponsored links, just ignore and close any of these, and you can watch the video. (note that videos hosting bandwidth is expensive, so videos streaming sites owners are putting ads on their web pages, this to help them to pay for expensive videos hosting fees.). That's why, myself and my mates, we have created this website HowToWatch.info and written some "how to watch" tutorials for different videos streaming sites, with explications by text and photos about how video streams sites are working, and how to not get confused by ads or sponsors links, which can be show as banners, photos, in-videos ads, pop ups... depends of the video site you have selected.

Our goal is simple: Do not get lost and annoyed with a video streaming site who may show some ads, sponsored links... and can get you confused... Looking to our videos stream sites "how to watch" explications, and you will get familiar with it very quickly... and then: enjoy watching your videos without hassle.


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